As an ever growing organisation, we are actively seeking new opportunities for growth and expansion. Opportunities include commercial properties through to pharmaceutical partnerships. You will discover that we are open and available for discussion.

A few highlights of future developments include:

Vikas & Maegha Rambal Foundation

The Vikas and Maegha Rambal Foundation are excited to announce that their foundation will be launched in 2018. We are actively looking to make a difference to communities in various parts of the world. The foundation will aim to mentor the next generation youths to ensure a better tomorrow.

As you’ll discover in our community pages on this site, we have a proud history of giving back to the community.

Commercial Properties

Plans are underway for the expansion of the Northam Boulevard Shopping Centre and the neighbouring Northam Arcade. Located 90 minutes from Perth, our plans are to make this the premier shopping precinct in the Northam and surrounding areas.