The Story Board

What is The Story Board?

The people of Perdaman are what sets the company apart from its peers, and each one of those people has a unique story to tell. The Story Board is a collection of those stories, introducing the world to the individual strands of personality and wisdom that make up the ever-changing, ever-growing identity of Perdaman. From CEOs and Directors to accountants and interns, everyone at Perdaman has a voice. The message we send as a company is made up of those voices, and the stories behind them.

The Story Board was created by Chairman Vikas Rambal and Perdaman content creator Dominic Depiazzi. This series is a long-term project that will show our peers the depth and vibrancy of the community we have created here.

Our stories:

Corporate portrait of Noelene Murray
Chapter 1: Noelene Murray
Chapter 2: Amit Mondal