Perdaman Captial (Perdaman Funds Management)

Perdaman Capital is the newest addition to Perdaman, adding to our portfolio of experience in delivering successful business across a wide range of industries.  It brings together astute business acumen, extensive investment skills and funds management experience. 

Perdaman Capital seeks to build partnerships with investors from Australia, across Asia and beyond. You will find we are always open to discussions and building strong, long-term relationships.

Through its associated company, Perdaman Funds Management Pty Ltd, Perdaman holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 454210) for arranging property investment syndicates for ‘wholesale investors’.

Perdaman Capital will seek to establish a number of specific property investment syndicates to be offered to sophisticated and wholesale investors via managed property trusts.

Perdaman Capital is built on the key principals of alignment of interests, integrity and transparency.

We are backed by a team of over 20 highly talented and experienced staff who work well together to ensure all our projects bolster maximum success.

With almost 50 years of combined experience in commercial enterprise, property development, capital investment, funds management, debt/equity-raising, strategic planning, financial consulting and accounting, Perdaman Capital brings extensive experience in a broad range of fields.


Our activities include investments and projects across the following sectors:

Retail Property Investments & Developments

Commercial Property Investments & Developments

Industrial Property Investments & Developments

Solar Energy & Renewables


Venture Capital & New Technologies

Our access and interest in a diverse range of sectors means we are available to tailor investment solutions that suit the interests of our partners.


We are a full-service house offering a complete service including:

Project Management

Asset Management

Fund Management

Debt Raising

Perdaman Capital’s ethos is to create win-win partnerships across all our activities. We are proud to take value in the form of project profitability, not upfront management fees.

We invite you to contact us to discuss investment opportunities to suit your needs.