As an ever growing organisation, we are actively seeking new opportunities for growth and expansion. Opportunities include migration through to pharmaceutical partnerships. You will discover that we are open and available for discussion.

A few highlights of future developments include:

Acquisition of Translators International

Perdaman Global Services has recently purchased Translators International.

Translators International has been in operation since 1983, and in that time has established itself as the leading translation company in Western Australia.

The acquisition is a strategic move by the migration division of Perdaman, that will help to strengthen their position as not only a migration institution but a translation hub for individuals, corporate businesses as well as government agencies.

Study abroad tours into Western Australia

Perdaman Global Services is promoting educational tours into Perth, Western Australia. As a new product, it offers a cultural and education experience. Perdaman Global Services is partnering with private schools to bring Chinese school tours to Western Australia so they may experience authentic education and tourism.

Hospitality job options in Western Australia

Working with Hospitality Training Group in a bid to promote a formal occupational trainee employment opportunity to international students who complete their Diploma of Hospitality at TAFE WA.

Health job options in Western Australia

Perdaman Global Services is promoting working with health organisations to fill significant skill shortages in the professional health sectors in regional Western Australia.