In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1986, Perdaman Chemicals & Fertilisers has prepared a Public Environmental Review (PER) that describes the Perdman Collie Urea Project and its likely effects on the environment.  The PER can be downloaded from this web page.

The public review period has now closed, however you can still view the report in hardcopy at the following locations:

  • Department of Environment and Conservation, Library/Reading Room, 4th Floor, The Atrium, 168 St George’s Terrace, PERTH WA 6000
  • Department of Environment and Conservation, Wellington District Office, 147 Wittenoom Street, COLLIE WA 6225
  • Shires of Collie, Harvey (Australind) & Dardanup (Eaton) Public Libraries
  • Bunbury Public Library
  • State Library of Western Australia and the J.S. Battye Library

PER Main Report

Invitation for Submissions (524KB)

Executive Summary (124KB)

Section 1 & 2 – Introduction & Project Location (3.09MB)

Section 3 & 4 – Project Benefits Justification & Alternatives (2.62MB)

Section 5 – Existing Environment (4.33MB)

Section 6 – Preliminary Risk Assessment (120KB)

Section 7 – Construction Impact Management & Monitoring (690KB)

Section 8 – Operational Impact Management & Monitoring (4.39KB)

Section 9 – Water Management Strategy (178KB)

Section 10 – Social Factors (845KB)

Section 11 – Public Consultation (84KB)

Section 12 – Environmental Impacts & Management Commitment (100KB)

References (55KB)

Appendix A – Environmental Scoping Document (3.35MB)

Appendix B – PCF Policies (369KB)

Appendix C – Water Supply Strategy (2.01MB)

Appendix D – Air Quality (4.86MB)

Appendix E – Greenhouse Gas Assessment (860KB)

Appendix F – Shotts Fauna Report (1.92MB)

Appendix G – Shotts Flora Report (5.40MB)

Appendix H – Wellington Heritage Listing (347KB)

Appenidx I – Aboriginal Heritage (1.56MB)

Appendix J – Noise (4.19MB)

Appendix K – Risk Assessment (693KB)

Appendix L – Community Consultation Process (2.60MB)

Appendix M – Review of Technology Selections (1.13MB)