Solar Panel Car Park Project Unveiled

Solar Panel Car Park Project Unveiled

The town of Northam in Western Australia will today announce its first ever solar panel car park constructed in the state.

The Northam Boulevard Shopping Centre which is currently going through a makeover hosts the solar panels on the car park roof.

Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Regional Development, will officially launch the project today with the build already complete.

The initiative comes after planning dating back to last year when the idea was announced in a proposal.

The solar panels will be able to power 40% of the shopping centers annual electricity requirements according to sources speaking to the  Avon Advocate.


It also provides the shopping center excellent shade as well as a revenue making stream for the establishment.

Described as the “Crown Jewel” of the redevelopment 900 solar panels have been installed on the car park roof.

This work aids Western Australia’s increasing adoption of solar energy. It follows the lead of other significant projects in the state supported by Areana, including the 2016 Megawatt(MW) solar project in City of Karratha at Western Australia’s second-largest airport, Karratha Airport.

The solar panel car park project features 340 watt solar panels and SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverters. The facility is expected to generate 1,871 MWh of clean electricity annually and prevent 1,254 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

The build was significant due mainly to how busy the airport is with an estimated 798,301 people traveling through the airport in 2011-2012.

The $7.1 million project was supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) who contributed $2.3 million.

This funding being granted as the project mirrored ARENA’s objectives of working to reduce the cost and increase the use of renewable energy in Australia.


The Northam development is posed to positively effect future solar projects in Western Australia and be a boost for the local community.

The city itself is also working on sustainability through a variety of projects. From replacing light fittings to installing rain water tanks on certain buildings.

Other projects the council hope to improve include purchasing a significant portion of ‘green power’ as well as new housing approvals that consider sustainability – energy efficient design, asbestos removal before relocation of 2nd hand buildings.

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