Raw Materials & Infrastructure


Perdaman has signed a 25 year agreement with Griffin Coal for the supply of coal from its adjacent Collie Mine.


Perdaman has been assigned sufficient quantities of water for the project by the Western Australian Department of Water.


Perdaman is planning to locate the plant in the proposed Shotts Industrial Park, 10 kilometres east of Collie, and near to the coal mine supplying the feedstock.


The project will have its own 180-200MW power plant (which is sufficient power to run the entire plant) using the "syngas" produced from the gasification process.

Road Logistics:

Existing road infrastructure is in place from the proposed Shotts Industrial Park to both Bunbury and Perth. The road system is currently handling heavy haulage activity and will be adequate for the urea plant's related traffic.

Rail Logistics:

The existing rail infrastructure between the proposed plant site and the port of Bunbury will be used to transport the plant's product to the port. There is existing capacity on the line to accommodate the plant's rail traffic. The rail facilities can also be used to transport equipment and materials to the jobsite during the construction period.


The Port of Bunbury is well connected with the existing road and rail infrastructure and has the space for a suitable warehouse and berthing facility for the shipment of urea. Perdaman is currently negotiating a 25 year lease and user agreement for the use of the port facilities.


Bunbury is the second largest city in Western Australia and located 50 kilometres from the plant. It is anticipated that labour for the plant will be drawn from both Bunbury and the region including Collie.