Collie Urea Manufacturing

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Perdaman Chemicals and Fertilisers - enriching the world's crops

Perdaman Chemicals and Fertilisers (formally North West Chemicals and Fertilisers), which is part of Perdaman Industries, is developing a US$2.5 billion urea manufacturing plant at Collie, Western Australia. Using innovative and clean coal gasification technology, the plant will transform sub-bituminous coal into urea.

The Collie plant has a 2 million tonnes per annum capacity, and most, if not all of the urea produced at the plant will be exported for global use.

The plant will be a world-scale facility with high operating efficiencies achieved by using proven, best-in-class technologies. Although coal gasification technology is new to Australia, it has been established and proven worldwide.

Fertilisers are essential to meet the needs of an expanding global population and its increased demand for food. Of the fertilisers available today, urea is undeniably the most efficient. It is safe, clean, easily transported and economical to manufacture and apply.

Western Australia along with Perdaman Chemicals and Fertilisers is now in an excellent position to help solve the worldwide shortage of fertiliser while adding value to Australia's existing coal resources.

The demand for fertilisers continues to increase as arable land diminishes and existing farmland requires enhanced soil enrichment.

Nitrogen is critical to the development and growth of crops and urea has the highest nitrogen content of all available fertilisers. It is estimated that the enhanced yields created from the urea produced at the Collie Urea plant could help produce crops feeding 90 million people annually.

Plant location

Perdaman's urea plant will be located in the Shotts Industrial Park in the Collie region of Western Australia, 200 kilometres south east of Perth. The site is ideally located adjacent to coal reserves and within close proximity to key road, rail, power, water and port infrastructure.

The Collie Urea operation is expected to create around 200 permanent jobs at the plant. These employees and their families will boost the already established community at Collie, bringing in significant economic opportunities to the region.

Environmental benefits

The coal gasification process used in the production of urea from the Collie Urea plant produces lower emissions than an equivalently sized coal fired power plant. Indeed the global carbon footprint for the plant, taking into consideration the increased crop sizes arising from the application of urea, creates an overall nett annual reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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