About Us

Perdaman - Creating a cleaner and greener future

Perdaman Industries is a Western Australian based multinational group with a current focus on the production of urea, the most commonly traded nitrogenous fertiliser. Urea is non-toxic, has high nitrogen content and can be easily transported and stored.

Perdaman Industries was formed in 2006. Founding Chairman Vikas Rambal and his fellow Directors all have extensive major project experience, most recently having played central roles in the development and construction of the A$700 million Liquid Ammonia Fertiliser plant located on the Burrup Peninsula in the North West of Australia.

The company is named in honor of Mr. Perdaman Krishan Rambal, the late father of Company Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Vikas Rambal.

Mr Perdaman Krishan Rambal (1940-2006) started off as a geologist with the Indian Government. He later managed a successful family owned and operated wholesale pharmaceutical business, as well as the family's extensive property portfolio and export business in India.

Mr Rambal Senior embodied the qualities of integrity, hard work, education and concern for others that are today the core values of Perdaman Industries.

He was a man of high moral ethics, strong reputation and a great advocate for education. After a busy working day, Mr Rambal Senior volunteered his time coaching hundreds of local children from disadvantaged families in Maths, English and Chemistry.

Above all, Mr Rambal was a committed family man who is remembered with much love and fondness.